A Man on the Move

Baltimore, Maryland

Baltimore, Maryland

A Viking wind brought him over here–

Seeking adventure and something new.

A beat from the Heartland made him stay,

And life took on a different hue.

Knowledge bloomed in the Garden State,

With all the work that school demands.

Then the Land of Lincoln called again,

And placed him in Illini’s hands.

The Great Lakes State nearly flooded his mind,

With all things just and fair;

But in the Free State he found relief,

Soon after being tested there.

A bite of the Big Apple suited his taste–

It was busy, big and fun.

But, Charm City was tempting him,

And in the end it won.

Cocoa Beach

Cocoa Beach, Florida

Cocoa Beach, Florida

At Cocoa Beach, I chased the sun,
And caught it everywhere.
Like all those shuttles launched nearby,
It blasted through the air.

At Cocoa Beach, I played in sand–
Grains running through my toes.
And soon the sand was everywhere–
My hair, my ears, my nose.

At Cocoa Beach, I stood in waves,
That had a pleasant beat.
And when those waves crashed upon me–
They helped to fight the heat.

At Cocoa Beach, the day was done.
I took my pail and spade;
Walked slowly back across the beach,
And thought of how I’d played.

Note to Josie: During lunch at the Mango Tree, you charmed a woman in her seventies, who was chatty and talked about the early days of space travel and the corresponding excitement in this area of the U.S. She said that in those days, you could expect to see an astronaut and his family having dinner in a local restaurant, and that Walter Cronkite would likely be there in a corner.

Winter’s Wicked Charm

Baltimore, Maryland

Baltimore, Maryland

Winter sends its kisses,
To melt upon your cheek.
Softly, quietly, they come,
But love, they do not seek.

Winter brings its cold embrace,
And holds you night and day;
A chill, that finds your bones,
And you fight to break away.

Winter keeps you in the dark,
Its secrets thriving there.
You crave the Other’s light,
But Winter doesn’t care.

Winter offers icy strolls,
But never holds your arm.
You’re obliged to go along,
With Winter’s wicked charm.

Winter’s worst is hard to bear,
But Winter won’t endure.
It lingers on while it can,
But time provides the cure.


Baltimore, Maryland

Baltimore, Maryland

Even if that penny won’t buy squat,
You can always give it for a thought.
And while it’s not like picking up a buck,
If it’s heads up, then it’s good luck!
And if you like your loafer retro-style,
A penny on the top will get a smile.
Who goes first when you play ball?
Well, heads or tails makes the call!
And remember!—for your wish to count,
Throw your penny in that magic fount.
So, your penny has some worth indeed,
It just may not buy you what you need.