The Diner

New York City

New York City

It’s eight o’clock–
An early start.
I have far to walk.
I’ll find a place to eat–
A favorite diner.
It’s on 34th Street.
I see it on my right–
A neon sign.
The chrome is bright.
People wait around the door–
A hungry crowd.
I’ll have to wait a little more.
Soon I have my little space–
A cozy booth.
It’s a perfect place.
The server brings my plate–
A hearty dish.
It was worth the wait.
Now, I’m ready for that long walk–
A tour of the city.
It’s nine o’clock.

Mt. Vernon’s Monument

Baltimore, Maryland

Baltimore, Maryland

In Mt. Vernon, four little parks

anchor a monument reaching to the sky.

Our first Washington monument, and it

stands over one hundred seventy feet high.

You can climb, nearly to the top,

ascending from a wide square and marble base,

its two hundred twenty-eight, winding steps,

that bring you much closer to our hero’s face.

Two elements of Greece and Rome,

the Doric column and the yoga attire,

are featured in this special monument

to link the great pasts through the elegant spire.

A stroller in the parks below,

may be reminded of a great man’s deeds,

of a nation’s birth and initial years,

and, perhaps, will dwell on what a nation needs.

This December Day

Annapolis, Maryland

Annapolis, Maryland

Wrapped in layers,
Bundled tight,
We venture out
In the remaining light
Of this late December day.

Farfar leaves tomorrow,
Flying to his home.
We are looking for distraction,
For any place to roam,
On this sad December day.

Still decorated,
Adorned in festive style,
The town is welcoming,
And we can’t help but smile,
On this cold December day.

I reach for Pappa’s hand,
He bends and we hold fast,
And we walk this way,
Until the light has passed
From this December day.