Winter’s Wicked Charm

Baltimore, Maryland

Baltimore, Maryland

Winter sends its kisses,
To melt upon your cheek.
Softly, quietly, they come,
But love, they do not seek.

Winter brings its cold embrace,
And holds you night and day;
A chill, that finds your bones,
And you fight to break away.

Winter keeps you in the dark,
Its secrets thriving there.
You crave the Other’s light,
But Winter doesn’t care.

Winter offers icy strolls,
But never holds your arm.
You’re obliged to go along,
With Winter’s wicked charm.

Winter’s worst is hard to bear,
But Winter won’t endure.
It lingers on while it can,
But time provides the cure.


6 thoughts on “Winter’s Wicked Charm

  1. Six years old or thirty six. It does not matter. He is still my little boy waiting for the snow to come.

  2. I love the poem…and while the picture fits perfectly it makes me think of a four year old Bella reciting Cymbalta commercials:
    “Who does depression hurt?….Everyone. Cymbalta can help!”

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