Directions to Fitzgerald’s

Bolton Hill, Baltimore

Bolton Hill, Baltimore

Stop a yellow bullet with your bare hand.
Fire it again, and ride it through this land.
Journey up the hill, natives call the Mount.
Pass the obelisk and the sparkling fount.
Near the hub, where the weary will arrive,
the minutes left for you are under five.
Turn to face the way of pale, fading light.
Find Park and see how tender is the night.



Let Me Out

Baltimore, Maryland

Baltimore, Maryland

I’ve slept through a very long night,
But now I’ve sensed the growing light.
I’d like to stretch and run about.
“I am awake now; let me out!”

I hear them in the other room,
Smell the usual brewed perfume.
Have they forgotten? Shall I pout?
“I am awake now; let me out!”

There! Someone just walked past my door.
Oh, I can’t take this anymore!
Perhaps a yell—in case there’s doubt?
“I am awake now; let me out!”

At last my door is open wide,
And Mommy reaches my crib’s side.
And so I stand and start to shout–
“I am awake now; let me out!”

Note to Josie: Mommy and Pappa thank you very much for being a terrific sleeper! You have slept soundly through the nights since you were only a couple of months old. You happily go to bed at 8:00 P.M. and wake up between 7:00 A.M. and 8:00 A.M. We usually hear you chatting with your toys for half an hour, before you decide to make it known that you want out. It works for us!

A Space Between

Fells Point, Baltimore

Fells Point, Baltimore

Against a tall black fence, I lean,
Standing under a gull’s cry,
Peering through a space between.

The Harbor offers much to glean,
And that’s precisely why
Against a tall black fence, I lean.

Under foot are tufts of green.
They battled brick just to try
Peering through a space between.

It is lovely and serene,
Water within reach, but sigh,
Against a tall black fence, I lean.

I press against the metal screen,
Hoping for more to spy,
Peering through a space between.

And I am part of this Harbor scene,
Viewed by all those passing by—
Against a tall black fence, I lean,
Peering through a space between.

A Man on the Move

Baltimore, Maryland

Baltimore, Maryland

A Viking wind brought him over here–

Seeking adventure and something new.

A beat from the Heartland made him stay,

And life took on a different hue.

Knowledge bloomed in the Garden State,

With all the work that school demands.

Then the Land of Lincoln called again,

And placed him in Illini’s hands.

The Great Lakes State nearly flooded his mind,

With all things just and fair;

But in the Free State he found relief,

Soon after being tested there.

A bite of the Big Apple suited his taste–

It was busy, big and fun.

But, Charm City was tempting him,

And in the end it won.


Mt. Vernon Place, Baltimore

Mt. Vernon Place, Baltimore

On that early April day,
Walking in Mt. Vernon Place,
We paused under those trees,
Widely known for their grace.

The Magnolia had bloomed,
The fragrance heavy in the air—
Drowning out the city;
And we breathed deeply there.

Pappa found the branch,
A seat in a pale pink room.
And what a view I had–
Of every lovely bloom!

I sat for quite some time,
Perched high to see it all;
Pappa right beside me,
Preventing any fall.

And the only thing sweeter,
Than that fragrant bliss,
Than that flowery view,
Was, of course, Pappa’s kiss!