Hiding Spaces

Baltimore, Maryland

Baltimore, Maryland


I find you in all kinds of places,
Cozy, little, hiding spaces.
Cornered with your little schemes–
Mischief (one of many themes).
Huddled just behind the door—
And only you can say what for.
Under beds, half awake—
Giggling on a daydream break.
Crouched inside your quiet nook–
Lost in pages of a book.
Each spot is chosen well,
But they all have a little tell.
And once found, you seem surprised,
That your secret has been compromised!

Running Deer

Tall prairie grass whispers
to gentle wind, its friend,
“Running Deer was here.
She ran until the end.”

“I know,” sighs wind,
“I blew across her brow.
I tangled up her hair.
I sense her absence now.”

Black earth hears this
and cannot help but say,
“She was light and swift,
and I supported her each day.”

“How sad,” cries grass,
“That she won’t run and play.”
“She’ll run,” says wind,
“She just won’t run our way.”

Note to Josie: Long ago, they called your great grandma “Running Deer”.

You’ll Count the Stars

Baltimore, Maryland

Baltimore, Maryland

Last night you found the moon,
A silver sliver in the sky.
You leaned against the glass,
With wonder in your eye.

Soon you’ll count the stars,
There are more than you can know.
But never let that stop you
From giving it a go!

Note to Josie: Last night, at the balcony door, you were very excited to point out the moon and name it. We are looking forward to showing you the stars when we move to the country!

Dark Design

Baltimore, Maryland

Baltimore, Maryland

In twilight, tears catch
Dying light—
Rolling, falling,
Into the night.

A day’s regrets,
And lingering pain,
Will make it hard
To sleep again.

In moonlight, thoughts play
In the mind–
Spinning, rushing,
In dark design.

Jumbled plans,
And silent screams,
Comprise your night’s
Most fevered dreams.

In dawn’s light, breath holds
Newer air–
Deeper, longer,
But still unfair.

A day to live–
Another turn–
Unable to cope,
Unable to learn.

Note: The Swedish artist, Nora Rignell, created this sculpture. Nora was a neighbor and pseudo-grandma to Dan in Stockholm. During my first trip to Sweden, Dan and I stayed with her and her husband, Kalle. When she died, her husband wanted us to have this.