Oliver’s Bane

Baltimore, Maryland

Baltimore, Maryland

Oliver’s Bane, Monster of the Floor,
At first you did not bother me–but no more!
You sought out one of my hidden toys,
Devoured it before my eyes!
Then you and Mommy battled,
As she fought to save my prize.
And let it now be told,
How fiercely she fought–how bold!
In the end, she won it back,
but it is not the same.
I fear that my Mr. Bill,
Will forever remain lame.

The Norman Way

Baltimore, Maryland

Baltimore, Maryland

Mommy says Great-Grandpa was a talker—
With lots and lots to say.
And that the world may never hear another,
Who can talk the Norman way.

Mommy says he must have had a racing mind,
One that seldom settled down,
‘Cause he could talk about anything,
To anyone around.

Mommy says he was known in the town,
As one who liked to chat,
And in a place as quiet as Willow Hill,
Most folks could appreciate that.

Mommy says that his chatty style is missed,
That the world is changing fast,
And that the art of conversation,
May soon be something of the past.

A Staring Contest

Baltimore, Maryland

A staring contest, you say?

Is that the game you want to play–

A battle of wills,

Of our non-blinking skills?

I’ll give it a try, but in truth,

There’s just too much else to see and do,

To waste too much time just staring at you.

A Walk With Oliver

Falls Road, Baltimore

A walk with Oliver at Falls Road;
It’s his favorite place to play.
“He came here as a pup,”
My parents like to say.
You should see him when he runs around–
Up hills and through the muddy ground.
You should watch him jump into the creek,
And come out shaking–making Mommy shriek!
But we all know when to go,
When it’s time to call it a day;
It’s when, from head to paw–he’s a messy shade of gray!