A Splash of Pink

Central Park, New York Ci

Central Park, New York City

A splash of pink,
In a patch of green,
In a concrete city,
Is quite the scene!


Spectacle in Your Eye

New York City

New York City


Often an impromptu visit–

Just one blink and you might miss it.

Heed the spectacle in your eye,

Or that great love may pass you by.


When it happens, confront the doubt–

For perhaps, fate has planned this out.

And once you know that it is right,

Choose to hold it with all your might.


Be warned, that if you fail to seize,

Such chance that’s sent on fated breeze,

The image of what might have been

Will haunt you time and time again.

A Man on the Move

Baltimore, Maryland

Baltimore, Maryland

A Viking wind brought him over here–

Seeking adventure and something new.

A beat from the Heartland made him stay,

And life took on a different hue.

Knowledge bloomed in the Garden State,

With all the work that school demands.

Then the Land of Lincoln called again,

And placed him in Illini’s hands.

The Great Lakes State nearly flooded his mind,

With all things just and fair;

But in the Free State he found relief,

Soon after being tested there.

A bite of the Big Apple suited his taste–

It was busy, big and fun.

But, Charm City was tempting him,

And in the end it won.

The Diner

New York City

New York City

It’s eight o’clock–
An early start.
I have far to walk.
I’ll find a place to eat–
A favorite diner.
It’s on 34th Street.
I see it on my right–
A neon sign.
The chrome is bright.
People wait around the door–
A hungry crowd.
I’ll have to wait a little more.
Soon I have my little space–
A cozy booth.
It’s a perfect place.
The server brings my plate–
A hearty dish.
It was worth the wait.
Now, I’m ready for that long walk–
A tour of the city.
It’s nine o’clock.