A Man on the Move

Baltimore, Maryland

Baltimore, Maryland

A Viking wind brought him over here–

Seeking adventure and something new.

A beat from the Heartland made him stay,

And life took on a different hue.

Knowledge bloomed in the Garden State,

With all the work that school demands.

Then the Land of Lincoln called again,

And placed him in Illini’s hands.

The Great Lakes State nearly flooded his mind,

With all things just and fair;

But in the Free State he found relief,

Soon after being tested there.

A bite of the Big Apple suited his taste–

It was busy, big and fun.

But, Charm City was tempting him,

And in the end it won.


16 thoughts on “A Man on the Move

  1. It really just gets better and better! This is a fantastic history, story, song, and poem. The photo is perfect. Thank you for taking the time…

  2. On Facebook your photographer friend said good DOF…what is “DOF” and is that what’s making his eyes look so crystal and almost colorful in a black and white pic? I really like this picture and I want you to do a photo shoot for us and then write an awesome poem for each of my kids!

  3. Thanks, Mo. DOF is short for depth of field. Basically, only a small part of the picture here is really in focus–the rest is rather softly blurred. Anytime with the photo shoot–and a poem called “TurkeyMonkey”.

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