Ocean City, Maryland

Ocean City, Maryland

When mermaids–laughing, young, and sweet–
Shift from flippers to ten-toed feet,
Beware of smiles that lure you there–
Of rosy cheeks and curly hair.
For they won’t stay that way for long,
And all you’ll keep is their sweet song.

One thought on “Mermaids

  1. Hi Mary!

    Sorry for this late answer, but I have been out all day.
    I am so glad that you starts with your pictures and poems again.
    I like them so much. This one I would really like to frame and put on the wall.
    It’s so nice in black and white.

    Give Josie a big hug from Grandma😘

    Love you❤️❤️❤️

    Skickat från min iPad Marianne Nestor 0702803809

    14 jul 2015 kl. 00:02 skrev “Mary Lundstedt” :

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