Quarter Notes


French Quarter, New Orleans


Notes in the French Quarter

On her yellow recorder.

Not a tune, not a song,

But they belong

In a city where music lives.

Poisoned Brine

Manchester, Maryland

Manchester, Maryland

I cast the words in your direction,
on barbed hooks, with vile bait.
I waited at the water’s edge,
and I learned a bit too late—
that all I had intended was to
catch and throw you back,
but the words had been so hateful
that the waters had turned black,
and you were dying in the deep,
while I stood with rod and line,
wishing I could reel back
words that poisoned brine.

Hiding Spaces

Baltimore, Maryland

Baltimore, Maryland


I find you in all kinds of places,
Cozy, little, hiding spaces.
Cornered with your little schemes–
Mischief (one of many themes).
Huddled just behind the door—
And only you can say what for.
Under beds, half awake—
Giggling on a daydream break.
Crouched inside your quiet nook–
Lost in pages of a book.
Each spot is chosen well,
But they all have a little tell.
And once found, you seem surprised,
That your secret has been compromised!

You’ll Count the Stars

Baltimore, Maryland

Baltimore, Maryland

Last night you found the moon,
A silver sliver in the sky.
You leaned against the glass,
With wonder in your eye.

Soon you’ll count the stars,
There are more than you can know.
But never let that stop you
From giving it a go!

Note to Josie: Last night, at the balcony door, you were very excited to point out the moon and name it. We are looking forward to showing you the stars when we move to the country!