Cherry Blossoms


Washington, D.C.

Washington, D.C.

Trees newly frosted

in snowy white and pale pink

are just within reach


Many Smiles

Baltimore, Maryland

Baltimore, Maryland

She played under the magnolia
On a thousand petals it cast down;
And she was a little princess
With bouncing curls for a crown.

Or had we fallen under a spell
Of a charming springtime fairy,
Who had found her favorite tree
In that urban sanctuary?

It made no difference to us—
Loyal subjects or just entranced—
For all were granted many smiles
By this lovely creature who danced.


Mt. Vernon Place, Baltimore

Mt. Vernon Place, Baltimore

On that early April day,
Walking in Mt. Vernon Place,
We paused under those trees,
Widely known for their grace.

The Magnolia had bloomed,
The fragrance heavy in the air—
Drowning out the city;
And we breathed deeply there.

Pappa found the branch,
A seat in a pale pink room.
And what a view I had–
Of every lovely bloom!

I sat for quite some time,
Perched high to see it all;
Pappa right beside me,
Preventing any fall.

And the only thing sweeter,
Than that fragrant bliss,
Than that flowery view,
Was, of course, Pappa’s kiss!