Autumn’s Dancer



She found a place in Autumn’s hall
To dance among the leaves,
To pirouette in fading light,
And trump what Grace achieves.

Her variation went unseen,
By all but Nature’s eyes;
Yet still she moved adagio
To Autumn’s windy cries.

Her toes were soft on dying grass;
She warmed up Autumn’s air;
And she knew well with every step,
Her soul would be laid bare.

How solemnly she stood at last,
And watched the moon appear.
She had danced on Autumn’s stage,
And silence was her cheer.



Running Deer

Tall prairie grass whispers
to gentle wind, its friend,
“Running Deer was here.
She ran until the end.”

“I know,” sighs wind,
“I blew across her brow.
I tangled up her hair.
I sense her absence now.”

Black earth hears this
and cannot help but say,
“She was light and swift,
and I supported her each day.”

“How sad,” cries grass,
“That she won’t run and play.”
“She’ll run,” says wind,
“She just won’t run our way.”

Note to Josie: Long ago, they called your great grandma “Running Deer”.