Spectacle in Your Eye

New York City

New York City


Often an impromptu visit–

Just one blink and you might miss it.

Heed the spectacle in your eye,

Or that great love may pass you by.


When it happens, confront the doubt–

For perhaps, fate has planned this out.

And once you know that it is right,

Choose to hold it with all your might.


Be warned, that if you fail to seize,

Such chance that’s sent on fated breeze,

The image of what might have been

Will haunt you time and time again.


The Norman Way

Baltimore, Maryland

Baltimore, Maryland

Mommy says Great-Grandpa was a talker—
With lots and lots to say.
And that the world may never hear another,
Who can talk the Norman way.

Mommy says he must have had a racing mind,
One that seldom settled down,
‘Cause he could talk about anything,
To anyone around.

Mommy says he was known in the town,
As one who liked to chat,
And in a place as quiet as Willow Hill,
Most folks could appreciate that.

Mommy says that his chatty style is missed,
That the world is changing fast,
And that the art of conversation,
May soon be something of the past.