Running Deer

Tall prairie grass whispers
to gentle wind, its friend,
“Running Deer was here.
She ran until the end.”

“I know,” sighs wind,
“I blew across her brow.
I tangled up her hair.
I sense her absence now.”

Black earth hears this
and cannot help but say,
“She was light and swift,
and I supported her each day.”

“How sad,” cries grass,
“That she won’t run and play.”
“She’ll run,” says wind,
“She just won’t run our way.”

Note to Josie: Long ago, they called your great grandma “Running Deer”.


Farmer’s Nonet

Westminster, Maryland

Westminster, Maryland

A farmer spends long days in that field
Under the reign of fickle skies
Atop machines of metal
Turning earth inside out
Hoping and praying
And then waiting
To harvest


Baltimore, Maryland

Baltimore, Maryland

Baltimore, Maryland

Baltimore, Maryland

In those three rings,
Are many things
To watch with widened eyes.

On that high wire,
They dare aspire,
To wring from us our cries.

With those ten clowns,
The audience drowns
In laughter and surprise.

At its mad roar,
Our fears do soar—
This tamer is unwise!

From first to last,
Our breath has passed,
In shaky compromise.

Note to Josie: Your first circus—the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey: Dragons!  You loved it.