Something From Aunt Mo

Baltimore, Maryland

Baltimore, Maryland

Something from Aunt Mo–
A collection of my clothes,
Cut up in little squares,
And sewed in pretty rows.

What a gift, Aunt Mo–
Memories saved this way!
A record of a smaller me,
That I can use each day.

A big “thanks”, Aunt Mo!
Now I’ll stay warm in bed,
With layers of my past,
And sweet dreams in my head.

Note to Josie:  Mommy and Pappa couldn’t bear to lose some of your early baby clothes. So, as you outgrew your clothes, Mommy sent them to Aunt Mo in Illinois. Lucky for us, she is a clever girl with a creative streak. For your second birthday, Aunt Zanna delivered this blanket from your Aunt Mo.


Let Me Out

Baltimore, Maryland

Baltimore, Maryland

I’ve slept through a very long night,
But now I’ve sensed the growing light.
I’d like to stretch and run about.
“I am awake now; let me out!”

I hear them in the other room,
Smell the usual brewed perfume.
Have they forgotten? Shall I pout?
“I am awake now; let me out!”

There! Someone just walked past my door.
Oh, I can’t take this anymore!
Perhaps a yell—in case there’s doubt?
“I am awake now; let me out!”

At last my door is open wide,
And Mommy reaches my crib’s side.
And so I stand and start to shout–
“I am awake now; let me out!”

Note to Josie: Mommy and Pappa thank you very much for being a terrific sleeper! You have slept soundly through the nights since you were only a couple of months old. You happily go to bed at 8:00 P.M. and wake up between 7:00 A.M. and 8:00 A.M. We usually hear you chatting with your toys for half an hour, before you decide to make it known that you want out. It works for us!