Dark Design

Baltimore, Maryland

Baltimore, Maryland

In twilight, tears catch
Dying light—
Rolling, falling,
Into the night.

A day’s regrets,
And lingering pain,
Will make it hard
To sleep again.

In moonlight, thoughts play
In the mind–
Spinning, rushing,
In dark design.

Jumbled plans,
And silent screams,
Comprise your night’s
Most fevered dreams.

In dawn’s light, breath holds
Newer air–
Deeper, longer,
But still unfair.

A day to live–
Another turn–
Unable to cope,
Unable to learn.

Note: The Swedish artist, Nora Rignell, created this sculpture. Nora was a neighbor and pseudo-grandma to Dan in Stockholm. During my first trip to Sweden, Dan and I stayed with her and her husband, Kalle. When she died, her husband wanted us to have this.


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