Sounding Out My Words

Baltimore, Maryland

Baltimore, Maryland

I’m trying out my voice,
More and more each day,
Sounding out my words,
Since I have so much to say.

“Nej” is very easy,
And I use it quite a lot,
Like when I’m asked to sit,
And I would rather not.

I shout “Olli” at one dog,
And “Da-ne” at the other.
They’re my little buddies,
My sister and my brother.

“Uh Oh” has been useful,
And Mommy knows to check,
On everything around me,
That I have made a wreck.

“This” I use the most.
It’s something of a game.
I show Mommy “this”–
And Mommy says its name.

“Bye-bye, see ya!” —
The longest phrase I know.
I use it just like now–
Whenever it’s time to go!


7 thoughts on “Sounding Out My Words

  1. Totally weird….I didn’t write that previous post that has my name on it. I was sick in bed! I love this poem though, so clever and informative. It is easy to imagine her going through the day and using these words.

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