This December Day

Annapolis, Maryland

Annapolis, Maryland

Wrapped in layers,
Bundled tight,
We venture out
In the remaining light
Of this late December day.

Farfar leaves tomorrow,
Flying to his home.
We are looking for distraction,
For any place to roam,
On this sad December day.

Still decorated,
Adorned in festive style,
The town is welcoming,
And we can’t help but smile,
On this cold December day.

I reach for Pappa’s hand,
He bends and we hold fast,
And we walk this way,
Until the light has passed
From this December day.


5 thoughts on “This December Day

  1. It came today, the wonderful calendar. Now I miss you even more, feels like a long time before summer. She is a darling, and I do hope that grandpa had a good time together with her.
    I also hope that she liked her new Mumin. I liked it to, but it was ment to Josie.
    Today is a day with taking care of everything from our trip and other things that has to be done.
    The dogs likes to be home again, but they had a great time.
    I talked to the doctor today and she said it is to early to put me on medication. They want to follow my bloodpressure over a few weeks and see if it is getting better. In the meantime I must live as usual. My headache comes and goes, but it is bad in the morning.

    Miss you all and sending kisses to Josie!
    Love you and take care!
    Big hug from grandma Marianne

    Skickat från min iPad Marianne Nestor 0702803809

    2 jan 2013 kl. 23:01 skrev “Mary Lundstedt” :


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